Piloting the Perfect Move: The Story (or how it began)



Nolan Feintuch was piloting his Luscombe antique plane when he heard an unsettling noise, then felt a huge vibration.  He did not know it then, but a mechanical malfunction had just happened. Luckily, he was a devoted student and remembered everything to do in case of an emergency.  He needed to get down immediately.  With a lot of talent and courage, he successfully guided the antique plane back to the landing strip.  It was a chilling close call.  At that point, most people would have walked away from the plane, maybe flying altogether, but Nolan was even more determined to become a master pilot.  Within a week, this committed individual was up again, soaring through the blue sky. It was always a lifelong dream for Nolan to attain his pilot’s license, so as a student he was meticulous in his studies.  And it is a good thing, too.  Nolan’s attention to detail and stellar focus were his saving grace that fateful day in the air.  And although he could have bought an easy to navigate plane that practically flew itself, he felt drawn to the mystic of this challenging machine.  You see, it takes an enormous amount of skill and dedication to learn to fly a Luscombe, and Nolan like to put his abilities to the test.

Going the Extra Mile

It is the same determined spirit that guides Nolan towards success whether he is in the air or on solid ground.  Each year, he trains to run in a 26.2-mile marathon.  From Boston to Vegas, Nolan has competed in the most well known races.  His ultimate dream is to participate in the IronMan, a grueling triathlon in Hawaii.  “Being committed to the end result makes all the difference in when it comes to accomplishing what I set my mind to,” explains Nolan.

Giving it His All

Nolan not only soars to new heights as a pilot, he is also determined to perform at his personal best professionally and personally.  With a Masters of Social Anthropology, a MBA, and an upstanding tenure as a Public Health Advisor for the Centers For Disease Control, Nolan certainly has a strong foundation of accomplishment.  During his professional career with the CDC, he traveled all over the United States helping contain outbreaks of various maladies.  With his strong work ethic, he was promoted quickly and catapulted to the top of the organization.  On every level, Nolan’s commitment and drive has brought him great success.  

Going Above and Beyond

Fittingly, in his career as a top real estate professional, Nolan helps his clients soar to success.  He begins by learning their needs, then, using his signature drive, he creates a plan of action customized specifically to address their long-term goals. Nolan does not let anything pass him by.  He applies the same meticulous nature to examine every part of his client’s important objectives.  Above all, he ensures that nothing falls though the crack.  After immersing himself in the unique goals of his clients, Nolan works resolutely to give them the guidance they need to maximize their investment.  Whether clients are looking to sell their home for the highest return or find the right match for their budget, he combines over 10 years of industry expertise, his unwavering perserverance and local area knowledge to make the process smooth and worry-free.  


Piloting The Perfect Move

When you are serious about buying or selling a home in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, turn to real estate professional who uses his drive, commitment and determination to achieve the best results for you.  Nolan truly wants to see you reach new heights when it comes to yor real estate success.  Indeed, he has built a reputation for  Piloting the Perfect Move.  Call Nolan Feintuch today for a complimentary consultation.

Nolan Feintuch







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  3. […] Piloting the Perfect Move: The Story (or how it began) […]

  4. […] Piloting the Perfect Move: The Story (or how it began) […]

  5. […] Piloting the Perfect Move: The Story (or how it began) […]

  6. […] Piloting the Perfect Move: The Story (or how it began) […]

  7. […] Piloting the Perfect Move: The Story (or how it began) […]

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