Another View of Sandy Springs….

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I am going to diverge from my usual positive post about Sandy Springs.  I have tried to keep politics out of my blog since there are plenty of places to go to get opinions regardless of what you believe.

I have lived in Fulton County way before the city of Sandy Springs became a city, when it made its transition to a city, and currently.  I have followed the socio-econonomcs and politics of the county and city as well.  Below is a video made by a group call Inside USA.  I dk much about them except they have made a lot of videos posted on YouTube which are left-leaning.  After viewing the one on Sandy Springs and their video editing, I can see how their other videos are going to be like.  I encourage you to watch the one below (it is long!) since it will give you an idea of how certain folks think about Sandy Springs in relation to Fulton County.  This is a good example of class warfare propaganda that these anti-Sandy Springs folks spread.

A few thoughts about the video.

1.  The narrator describes Sandy Springs as a place where the average family makes $80k a year and then shows the gated mansions that are in the millions.  Being in real estate, how can a family earning $80k a year live in a $3.5 million dollar home?  The average home price in Sandy Springs is well below what the video showed.

2. The narrator did not explain the great disparity of public service between South Fulton and Sandy Springs in terms of police and fire coverage.  South Fulton had a great number of police and fireman per person than Sandy Springs. The number had not changed since 1985 even though the city population exploded.

3.  The narrator did not explain the amount of revenue Sandy Springs generated for the county and how little of the money stayed in the area to improve infrastructure and public sevice.

4. The narrator did not show all the new facilities and parks that have been built in South Fulton. Many of these facilities do not have the population to support such things. Many of these facilities were paid for by the residents of Sandy Springs.

5. The biggest error was equating the demise of Grady Hospital to the formation of Sandy Springs. The authors even interviewed Jane Fonda to talk about how bad Grady’s future looks.  I do believe that Grady is extremely important to the area and needs to be fixed.  The video doesnot address that the hospital was in dire straits before the city of Sandy Springs came into existance and that it is the state that is having problems funding the place.  Also, it does not examine the leadership of the hospital which is run by South Fulton cronies who have looted the budget, mismanaged it, and has given millions of dollars of contracts to friends and family members. Some of which are in jail!

These are just a few thoughts.  Post your opinion.


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