Sandy Springs Tree Removal Permits – Yes we need them!

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Every year I spend thousands of dollars removing dead or hazordous trees from my yard.  On one hand, our neighborhood and lot has many trees and they bring value to the property in terms of aesthetics, shade, and enjoyment. Nontheless, removing trees can be very costly, especially the very large pinetrees. Every time I write a check to the tree folks, I mutter that I wish I never had any trees and will never buy a home with a yardful of them. 

Trees have become a political sticking point for our politicians in Sandy Springs.  This has led to a tree ordinance which requires people to get a permit to cut down certain trees.  Those with level heads made sure that the ordinance is not as confining as the City of Atlanta’s although many tree huggers wanted to make it a lot tougher.  If they want to pay my property taxes they can make the decision as to how to maintain my trees. 

Before you cut, please click here to see when a tree removal needs to be permitted.  You really do not want the city of Sandy Springs to come out and lecture you because it will cost you some serious money.  Also, there are some neighbors who will drop the dime on you if you do something illegal.  Rest assured they are watching.

It would be nice if the city focused on regulating the tree service businesses that operate in Sandy Springs since that is the real problem.  Poor service from many of these unprofessional and un-insinsured companies is very evident.

Let me know what you think.


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