Sandy Springs History: Morgan Falls Dam

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The last post I featured the new park being proposed for Sandy Springs and Morgan Falls. Since I enjoy researching the history of our city, I thought my readers would like to hear a little about the history of the dam at Morgan Falls.

At Morgan Falls, exists one of the first dams to be built for electrical purposes in the state of Georgia. The dam opened in 1904 and was constructed to generate electricity for Atlanta’s street car system which was 12 miles away.

Today, the dam is not used for electricity, but serves as a mechanism to regulate the water flow down the Chattahoochee for the Atlanta water and sewage systems. It plays an integral part in the Atlanta community. The dam also serves as the focus of Bull Sluice lake which is know to river enthusiasts, fisherman, and boaters. The future park plan is to construct a walking path over it to the other side of the river.

Last river clean up I was able to walk over the dam with my daughter and found it fascinating. It gave a beautiful view of the river and mad me excited about the new park that is being proposed. This would be a major amenity which will boost the value of real estate in the area. Please see the link for a more comprehensive history of the dam.


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  1. Hi,

    Morgan Falls Dam still generates power; enough for about 4400 homes. I was on a school tour in October ’08 & saw the operations. Maybe you thought they had stopped generating because one turbine is being repaired. I do know that you want to stay well away from the dam when the floodgates are open as the current pull is very strong.


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