How Good Is Your Sandy Springs School?

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This is my 101st blog post and I hope you have found my topic selection interesting, useful, and entertaining.

Choosing a school for your children is a very important aspect for your family, especially if someone is looking for a new home. The decisions are difficult and are often based on antedoctal information from friends, relatives, and neighbors.

The Georgia Public Policy Foundation publishes a useful yearly report that ranks all the Georgia public schools in the state. They have a category for elementary, middle, and high schools. The study uses the following criteria to ranks the schools: the percentage of students who meet or exceed the math and reading portion of the CCRT test, the percentage of those who exceed the same criteria for the CCRT, the percentage of students who at the poverty level as defined by those who qualify for the free meal programs, and finally, how the school does with those students at the poverty level. This is a nice study that lets you compare schools within the county and between counties.

There are flaws with the study, but it gives the parents a snapshot at how the school is performing. Parents should use the results to supplement other ways to determine if the school is right for their children.  A visit and talk with the faculty is also very important.


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