The Code behind Piloting The Perfect Move

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Often times while talking with potential clients, I hear horror stories about the behaviors of some real estate agents. Sometimes I am embarrassed by other agent’s actions and feel sorry for their clients. Not many people know that as a Realtor we have a well defined Code of Ethics. This code lays the foundation on how we as Realtors work with our clients. I look at it as the way I do business. Any deviation from it is not something that I value. A good example of a Code violation is when an agent is being interviewed for a listing and is competing with other agents and “buys” the listing. That is, they tell the property owner their house is worth a lot more that it actually is just to get the listing. It happens all the time and the general public does not know that it is a violation. One of the important points of the Code is that it states that the client’s interests come before that of the agents. That means, that the agent should not “talk the clients into a sale” if it is not right for the client. Often times in this case, an agent is strapped for cash and will do anything to close the deal. This is a violation. The Code is an important cornerstone to my PILOTING THE PERFECT MOVE.

See the video to get more information about our Code of Ethics.

Click here if you cannot see the video.


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