The Most Famous Lady In the Country Buried in Sandy Springs!

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Many famous and noteworthy people have at one time called Sandy Springs their home. Dozens have liked it so much they have decided to be buried in our great city. The most famous recognized female voice to hundreds of millions of Americans eternally lies in our own Arlington Cemetery. Her name is Jane Barbe (d 2003).


Jane Barbe, unofficialy as “The Telephone Lady,” her voice was instantly recognizable to every telephone user who ever dialed a wrong number, called a number no longer in service or simply sought to find out the current time and temperature. Her voice was once heard an estimated 40 million times per day on telecom networks around the globe, with her distinctive and friendly voice gracing some 90% of intercept messages and 60% of automated time and temperature calling programs. “I’m sorry, the number you have dialed is no longer in service” and “Please press pound for more options” were just two of Barbe’s most commonly replayed messages. She appeared on television’s “Mike Douglas Show,” “I’ve Got a Secret” and “Real People” as “The Time Lady.” She even starred in a commercial for Shake ‘n Bake. She retired in 2003 after 40 years as the voice of ETC’s time-weather-temperature services (written by Joe Kelley).


For more info about famous people buried at Arlington Cemetery, click here.


Do you know anyone famous in Sandy Springs?


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