Top Ten U.S. Lustful Cities (Is Sandy Spring’s One of them?)

February 29, 2008 at 9:58 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment
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No.  Sorry.  Sandy Springs did not make the top ten lustful cities in the United States.  In a recent study, AC Neilson released a list of the top American cities based on a per capita rate of condoms and over the counter contraceptives sold.  I think this could be a strong selling point for any community.  It might attract many buyers and drive up selling prices.  The list is as follows:

 1. Denver, Colorado

2. San Antonio, Texas (tie)

2. Portland, Oregon (tie)

4, Seattle, Washington

5. Salt Lake City, Utah (tie)

 5. Boise, Idaho (tie)

6. Washington, DC

7. Cincinnati, Ohio (tie)

7. Columbus, Ohio (tie)

9. Baltimore, Maryland

10. Buffalo, NY (tie)

11. Sandy Springs, Ga (just joking!! – you and I wish..)


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  1. Hey, I’m in the Boise area (#5). Make me an offer. 🙂

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