My First Plane – Luscombe N39031

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Below is a picture of my first airplane.  I get asked about my airplane a lot so I thought I would share this info with you. I bought this bird from a cropduster pilot in Selma, Alabama. He had fixed up the plane and did a lot of work on it.  I fell in love with it when I first saw it sitting in the sun at the Wetumpka, Alabama Airport (08A).  The airplane was a 1941 Luscombe 8C.  It was converted to an 8E some time ago. Because it is an 8C model it is fairly rare for Luscombes. This plane had a lot of history.  It was built and flown before Pearl Harbor.  The plane came off the assembly line around June 1941.  It was used to train WWII pilots and also spent some time of floats.  The floats were being tested to be sold to the US Navy.

 I learned how to fly taildraggers in this thing and it made me a much better and safer pilot.  The Luscombe has a nasty reputation for being difficult to handle on the ground. If you practice with it, there should be no problems.  I specifically remember flying on summer evenings before sunset at around 1500 ft with the windows open and elbow hanging out enjoying the beautiful scenery go by. 

It was fast for its class of airplane.  I often enjoyed flying circles around my friends with C150s, Ercoupes, and C120s.  Particulary, I enjoyed the interest that the plane generated when I flew into different airports around the Southeast.

I eventually sold the plane to a fellow in the Chicago area.  I found this picture of the plane on the internet and it has given me a lot of positive memories of flying my own airplane.


Share your experiences with small airplanes…


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