10 Marketing Tips You Can Learn From A Prostitute

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Did you know that some of the most savvy marketers are prosititutes? In some ways, we can learn a lot from them…. 

 1. Attract the attention of your target market. You must do what you can to stand out from the crowd. A short skirt and high heels work to attract a prostitute’s client. (It may also help a blog post get read)

2. Market in the places your audience can be found. Whether it’s street corners or specialty publications and websites, get in front of your prospects’ eyeballs. Pros don’t attract clients in church pews.

3. Upsell. After getting a ready and willing customer, expose them to options they might not have considered. Turn a downtown trip into an around-the-world adventure.

4. Have a clever or catchy brand name. Call girls marketing under Fantasy and Desire usually attract more calls than Fanny and Mabel.

5. Offer a product or service people want or need. ‘Nuff said.

6. Make the transaction easy. The less forms and red tape the better. A simple in and out procedure works best.

7. Promise quality and good customer service. The promise may get you a one-time sale but good customer service will have them coming again back.

8. If you want to charge more, offer something they can’t get anywhere else. Just like fruit, the rare and exotic always sell for more.

9. Have a call to action. Ask for the date. Be persistent.

10. Market happiness. Every client wants to walk away satisfied. Give them a happy ending.

Bonus Marketing Tip: Sex sells.

Caveat: There is, however, one thing you should avoid in marketing and sales: Screwing your customer.

(I wish this was my original post, but here is the source:http://sellsiusrealestate.com)


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