You Want To Build What For Your Pet…

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Kelsey - My 7 Year Old Black Lab

I think we are becoming more attached to our pets more than ever.  Our society is changing and has adapted to our pet lifestyle.  People are even taking the needs of their beloved pooches and kitties into account when they are remodeling their homes.  When it comes time to remodel or make improvements, some pet owners go to extremes to provide a pampered environment for their pets.  From building in-the-wall cat tunnels to designing outdoor dog runs, home owners with pets drop big bucks on remodels that they hope their pets will enjoy.


Here are 10 visually appealing design ideas you can use when remodeling with your pet in mind:

INDOOR PET RETREATS:  These rooms are generally located by an outside back door, with a lockable exterior access door designed for your pet to go inside and out.  These pet retreats sport automatic feeders, drinking fountains, and doggy showers.

DISGUISED LITTER BOXES: Not only do they provide privacy, many resemble furniture.  Some cat box designs are situated in a separate room such as a garage, with access provided by a secret cat door hidden inside a cabinet.

HEATED FLOORS: Pets appreciate warm floors as much as humans.  Just ask your dog who sleeps over the heating vent.

PLATFORM BEDS: Much like one would design a window seat, these beds are attached to the wall, and are much less expensive to build then, say, buying a Gucci doggy bed.

CAT RAMPS AND CAT TREES: Cat ramps are stairs that diagonally run up a wall to meet a shelf, which runs below and along the perimeter of the ceiling.  Floor-to-ceiling cat trees are constucted like columns throughout the home and wrapped in carpet or rope.

 DOGGY OVERLOOKS: This design feature lets your dog stick his head through a square opening on the second floor, so your dog can keep tabs on his owners below.

 WOOD FLOORS AND HIGH-END LINOLEUM: Wood Floors are easier to maintain than carpet, and light to medium finishes minimize scratching.  Linoleum floors are easy to clean up after pet accidents.

STORAGE ROOMS:  For people who purchase pet supplies in bulk, special storage rooms are a terrific solution for storing bags of pet food, cat litter, and other pet supplies.

BUILT-IN BENCHES WITH REMOVABLE COVERS:  These look like a bench, but open the cover and it’s a toy box.  It is also a conveniant place to stash leashes and large doggy balls.

STAIN-RESISTANT FABRICS AND CARPETING: Pet owners who don’t like the look of shedding hair choose fabrics, rugs, and non-toxic carpeting that match their pet’s fur.


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  1. Now if they can invent a wood floor that gives traction, I would have it installed. Since I had wood floors installed, my male dog Jonesy, doesn’t like to walk on it, let alone run. He slides instead of stopping.

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