69 Mini Philosophies on Just About Everything…

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Since this is the end of the year, and it is a good time to reflect on the previous year and make resolutions for 2008, I have included this fun and informative list entitled, “69 Mini Philosophies on Just About Everything”.  I found it on a site that I regularly visit called www.hellomynameisscott.com.  This is a little bit different from my video format, but I think it is more meaningful when it is read by you.  Also, from time to time when I come across some useful information like this, I will do a more traditional post.  Here it is:

69 Mini Philosophies on Just about Everything

1. Survival, then bounty.
2. Customers, then problems.
3. Breathe, then respond.
4. Generate, then organize.
5. Intentions, then goals.
6. Meet, then move.
7. Pace, then lead.
8. Practice, then preach.
9. Renovate, then innovate.
10. Sell, then make.
11. Survival, then bounty.
12. Whether, then how.

13. Open, but particular.
14. Trust, but verify.
15. Welcoming, but choosey.
16. Informally, but clearly.
17. Challenging, but achievable.

18. Analysis AND synthesis.
19. Observe AND describe.
20. Smart AND alert.
21. Duplicate AND multiply.
22. Force AND momentum.
23. Glory AND gory.
24. Invent AND reinvent.
25. Participate AND reciprocate.
26. Read AND reference.
27. What AND why.
28. Within AND without.

29. Artistry over mechanics.
30. Form over function.
31. Character over credentials.
32. Totality over singularity.
33. Assert without rejecting.
34. Cancel without consequences.
35. Give without credit.
36. Inquire without supposing.
37. Listen without distractions.
38. Listen without prejudging.
39. Protect without imprisoning.
40. Self-assertion without guilt.
41. Travel without plans.
42. Respectful, yet firm.43. Access isn’t presence.
44. Activity isn’t results.
45. Aloneness isn’t loneliness.
46. Autonomy isn’t solitude.
47. Biography isn’t destiny.
48. Codependence isn’t intimacy.
49. Difficult isn’t impossible.
50. Education isn’t knowing.
51. Evidence isn’t proof.
52. Faith isn’t fact.
53. Humility isn’t weakness.
54. Information isn’t communication.
55. Information isn’t wisdom.
56. Listening isn’t corresponding.
57. Motion isn’t progress.
58. Obvious isn’t easy.
59. Quitting isn’t failing.
60. Reading isn’t believing.
61. Respect isn’t weakness.
62. Satisfaction isn’t retention.
63. School isn’t education.

64. Diagnose before prescribing.
65. Huh? before Aha!
66. Humanity before statistics.
67. Percolation before fruition.
68. Planks before specks.
69. Value before price.

What are your five mini philosophies?


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